U.S. Case Studies & Success Stories


The mechanical vertical bar screen Screentec, removes solids from wastewater and is well suited for Headworks, Pump Stations, Lift Stations, Wet Wells and Manholes.
It protects pumps from ragging and clogging and requires minimal maintenance. Check out the 2 bar screen video testimonials and case studies below.
Vertical Bar Screen Installation in Arizona
1. 75% Solids Reduction at the plant
Sun City, Arizona - 2013

Retrofit with minimal structural changes. With Screentec, the risks and costs associated with manual maintenance have been eliminated and Epcor Water pumps are protected from debris with 75% Solids Reduction at the plant. read more
Installation of Vertical Bar Screen at lift station in New Jersey
2. $26,000 of savings per year with Screentec
Lower Township, NJ - 2012

Aqualitec designed and built a simple solution to meet Lower Township’s needs. Thanks to the vertical bar screen Screentec, Lower Township Municipal Utilities are now saving more than $72 per day in maintenance costs! read more
Installation of Mechanical for Headworks in California
3. Screentec’s 4 years maintenance is $0
Mendocino, CA - 2010

Aqualitec retrofitted a 1mgd Headworks. Screentec was the only screening product that could match technical requirements and unique footprint constraints. As a result, maintenance costs have dropped to $0 in its 3 years of service. read more
Installation of vertical bar screen for Headworks in Georgia
4. Screentec frees operators from costly, dangerous maintenance.
Coweta Water Authority, GA - 2016

Aqualitec installed a mechanical bar screen in a manhole, upstream of the influent pump station and Headworks. As a result, maintenance costs and safety hazards have been reduced drastically. read more
Installation of bar screen Screentec at lift station
5. Screentec protects expensive lift station pump equipment from non-dispersible debris.
Pembroke Pines, FL - 2014

Screentec’s automatic operation frees operators from costly and dangerous manual maintenance.read more

Raketec is a multi-rake bar screen with no moving parts under grade level.
Installation of Multiple Rake Bar Screen in California
1. Maintenance costs have dropped dramatically
Clearlake Oaks, CA - 2010

Solids are rags were going through the grinder, damaging the equipment and requiring pricy, unsafe maintenance. With Raketec, all solids, including rags and wipes, are getting collected and maintenance costs have dropped dramatically. read more

Drumtec is an internally fed rotary drum screen built for heavy pretreatment applications.
1. Much easier to produce high quality effluent
Atlanta, GA - 2015

Operators don't need to clean the basin as often and the nasty foam problem has disappeared. The Old Atlanta Club Wastewater Treatment Facility has solved its debris problem.. read more

Spiraltec is an all-in-one, shaftless cylindrical screen that collects, conveys, dewaters, and compresses wastewater solids.
spiral screen for headworks in California
1. Retrofit helps saving on installation costs
Everson, WA - 2012

Aqualitec retrofitted a shaftless screw screen into a 1mgd Headwork. Not only were biosolid rules met, complying with the city. but no structural changes were needed. read more
Inclined Cylindrical Screen for septage receiving station in Washington
2. No more heavy and unsafe manual labor
Langley, WA - 2012

The in-tank Spiraltec spiral screen replaced a manual screen in a 0.2mgd capacity wastewater treatment plant. Not only it is now complying with biosolids rules but it also reduces maintenance costs, replacing manual labor with a safer, automatic system. read more

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