Multirake Bar Screen

Ideal Fine Screening solution for Headworks.

Revolutionary design to avoid jamming situations.

Multirake Screen (Back)
Multirake Bar Screen Raketec
Raketec Screen


No submerged sprockets.
Smoothly scoop debris.
Jam less design.

Fast return on investment.
Low, economical maintenance.
Low energy consumption.

Save money, improve process, and increase safety with Raketec


Two heavy-duty chains, driven by a powerful drive shaft, carry a system of rakes placed three feet apart.

Each rake contains multiple teeth and/or brushes, and the stainless steel drive chains are connected with links bearings free to minimize maintenance. The chain rollers are made of stainless steel and the chain guides are made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE), with no metallic lower bearings and no lower sprockets.

A scraper, placed at the point of discharge, cleans the screened material from the rakes and ejects the debris. Raketec’s rakes are designed to mesh perfectly with the bar screen system. The rakes clean debris from the bar screen, and convey waste material up to grade level.

Raketec can be set to run continuously, on a timer program (cycle on/off), or with a water level sensor.

Features & Benefits

1. Straight forward design

The gear motor, mounted at the top of the frame, rotates the drive shaft. The links of the chain fit into two cogwheels, located on each extremity of the drive shaft. Driven by the rotation of the shaft, the links of the two stainless steel chains slide into the HDPE track. With the HDPE track system, there is no friction between the chain and the frame of the bar screen. There is no requirement to grease the chain.

2. Free Sprocket, no lower maintenance.

At the lower part of the bar screen, the chains slide over two HDPE stationary rollers. With no moving parts at the bottom of the machine, no maintenance or underwater operation is necessary.

3. Jam Less Design

The curved screened allows the rakes to get the debris ahead and help in doing a scooping collection by collecting the debris from underneath. This help to avoid physical constraints or blockage with debris and prevent the equipment from jamming.
The stainless steel rake teeth are mounted every three feet, allows for extremely efficient cleaning.

4. Minimal & Easy Maintenance
With no moving parts at the bottom of the bar screen, no maintenance is required. The weekly maintenance consists only of a visual check of the chains and the discharge chute. The back of the bar screen has an easy and safe access hood. If needed, tooth rake can be individually replaced quickly and easily.

5. Odor Control
The frame of the bar screen is completely enclosed, keeping odor contained. Adding a washer/compactor with a bagger system, such as Compactec, maintains total odor control.

Raketec Teeth Rake
Raketec Chain
Multi-Rake Curved Screen
Raketec Sprocket
Raketec Upper Scraper

Design Guidelines

Flow: up to 60mgd
Depth: 4’ to 65’
Width: 16’’ to 6’
Bar spacing from ¼’’
Installation angle: 75°
304 or 316 Stainless Steel
Touch Screen Control Panel
Absorbed power: ¾hp (0.56KW)

Voltage: custom to site availability – 3φ required

Download PDF
Raketec Drawings Design Guidelines

Options Available

Multi-Rake Heater Blower


Multi-Rake with Enclosed Trash

Enclosed Trash Frame

Multi-Rake Tilted


Multi-Rake In Tank

In Tank


Septage Receiving Station.
Food Processing.

Multi-Rake, McDonough

Headworks – McDonough, GA

Multi-Rake, Thibodeaux

Headworks – Thibodeaux, LA

Septage Receiving Station

Septage Receiving Station – Beacon, NY

Material caught with Raketec

Food Processing Multi-Rake Screen

Food Processing, Carrots
Chapman Farm

Municipal Heavy Load of wipes,
Connellsville, PA

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