The Pump Station Bar Screen

#1 Solution to protect pumps from clogging.

Permanently remove wipes and other debris.

Screentec Bar Screen

Stops, collects, removes debris.
Protects pumps from clogging.
No more manual cleaning.

Vertical, retrofits any structure.
No submerged mechanical parts.
User friendly.

Fast return on investment.
Low, economical maintenance.
Low energy consumption.

Save money, improve process, and increase safety with Screentec


Aqualitec’s bar screen Screentec is a mechanical vertical bar screen specifically designed to remove objects such as rags, wipes and plastics, from wastewater and protect pumps from clogging. It is the first line of defense used by wastewater treatment plants or collection system. Thanks to its unique vertical design, it can retrofit any Headworks, pump stations, lift stations, wet wells and manholes. It protects pumps from rags, wipes, plastics and other solids. It also prevents pumps from clogging up, extends their life cycle and improves the quality of wastewater treatment.

Screentec fits into narrow and deep structures, avoiding costly structural changes. It does not have any moving parts under grade level, providing easy and safe maintenance for the operational staff.

Watch the bar screen video above to learn more about Screentec.

Screentec operational
Screentec operational 2

Features & Benefits

Flow: 0.01mgd to 80mgd
Depth: 4’ to 100’
Width: 12’’ to 9’

1. Vertical Design

With a 90° installation angle, Screentec can retrofit any wastewater structure, up to 100′ deep.

2. Minimal & Easy Maintenance.

Screentec does not have moving parts at the bottom of the frame. Weekly maintenance consists only of a visual check of the top section of the frame. Grade level access via the secure hood minimizes operator time, risk, and expense.

3. Odor Control

The frame of the vertical bar screen is completely enclosed. Adding a washer-compactor with a bagger system, such as Compactec, maintains total odor control. Screentec can be installed in residential areas

Bar Screen Depth 3
Bar Screen Depth 1
Bar Screen Depth 4

Design Guidelines

Flow: 0.01mgd to 80mgd
Depth: 4’ to 100’
Width: 12’’ to 9’
Bar spacing from 3/8’’
Installation angle: 90°
Front or Back Cleaning

304 or 316 Stainless Steel
Lifting capacity up to 1,100lb
Touch Screen Control Panel
Absorbed power: from ¾hp (0.56KW)

Voltage: custom to site availability – 3φ required


Download PDF
Screentec Drawings Design Guidelines
Screentec:<br />
Up to 7mgd<br />

Up to 7mgd

Screentec with Built-in Washer Compactor

Screentec with Built-in Washer Compactor
Up to 2mgd

Screentec Heavy Duty

Screentec Heavy Duty
From 7 to 30mgd

Screentec Super Duty

Screentec Super Duty
From 30mgd

Options Available



Aluminum Shed<br />

Aluminum Shed

AutoLift - down

AutoLift System – Down

AutoLift up

AutoLift System – Up

Manual – Crane Truck or Hoist

Manual – Crane Truck

                  —————————  Easy lift System  —————————–

Wall Mounted Screentec

Wall Mounted


Lift and Pump Station​s.
Wet Wells.
Jails and Prisons.

Casinos & Hotels.
Assisted Living Residences.
Food Processing.

Wet Well Ukiah

Wet Well – Ukiah, CA

Pump Station – Pembroke Pines

Pump Station – Pembroke Pines, FL

Prison Bar Screem – Lee County, IA

Prison – Lee County, IA

Headworks - St John, WA<br />

Headworks – St John, WA

Casino Hotel – Yavapai County, AZ<br />

Casino Hotel – Yavapai County, AZ

Assisted Living Residence – Lowman, NC<br />

Assisted Living Residence – Lowman, NC

Food Processing – Pilgrim’s, VA<br />

Food Processing – Pilgrim’s, VA

Hospital – Ruston, LA<br />

Hospital – Ruston, LA

Material caught with Screentec

Grease Block - Chesapeake Beach, MD<br />

Grease Block – Chesapeake Beach, MD

Grease Block Video – Chesapeake Beach, MD

100’ Rope – Yavapai County, AZ<br />

100’ Rope – Yavapai County, AZ

Shovel – Ukiah, CA

Shovel – Ukiah, CA

Grit & Sand – Sun City, AZ

Grit & Sand – Sun City, AZ

Miscellaneous – Ukiah, CA

Miscellaneous – Ukiah, CA


Only $800 maintenance in 10 years with Screentec!”


“Aqualitec’s Screentec Bar Screen saves $500,000 a Year in pumps maintenance.”


“75% Solids Reduction at the plant.”


Mendocino, CA – Video Testimonial

Ukiah, CA – Video Testimonial

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