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Sludge Centrifuge Decanter
Sludge Centrifuge

Less Maintenance

Sludge Centrifuge Sturdy & Efficient

Sturdy & Efficient

Sludge Centrifuge with Less Polymer Consumption

Less Polymer Consumption


In sludge dehydration, Vitone Eco’s decanters are recognized for their durability, stability, and ease of installation. They can handle a lot of sludge while using low energy and flocculants. Vitone decanters excel at reducing disposal costs by maximizing the concentration of dry substance.

Features  & Benefits

Sludge Centrifuge Features

1. In-Line Scroll Motor

The scroll motor features direct transmission, eliminating the need for pulley-belt transmission. It reduces maintenance, lower noise levels, and enhance the precision of differential speed regulation.

2. Wider Bases

Large support surface to enhance stability and further diminish vibrations

3. Additional Anti-Vibration Supports

Anti-vibration supports to further reduce vibrations.

4. Sludge Scraper Motor Positioned on Top of the Decanter

Placing the sludge scraper motor on top improves the continuous cleaning of the solid discharge room during operation.

5. Thick Tunnel-Type Body

The casing features a tubular structure, allowing for screw extraction without the need to remove the entire bowl.

6. Oscillating Bases

Motors are supported by oscillating bases, which eliminate the vibrations typically caused by motor and transmission belt tension.

7. Built-In Supports

With included supports, there’s no need for additional foundation installation.

8. Point of Access

Points of access for quick service and maintenance.

9. Gear Box

High torque and spare parts always available.

10. V-Tronic Software

Energy Saving and User Friendly PLC

11. Turbo Mixer & Accelerator

The Turbo Mixer enables dynamic mixing of inlet sludge and polymer using centrifugal force, resulting in minimal polymer consumption.

The Accelerator allows for the introduction of the mixed sludge-polymer into the bowl using centrifugal force, which ensures fully clarified and clean results.

11. High Quality

Low and economical maintenance

Service and Spares available in USA




Bowl Diameter: 9.5’’

Bowl Motor: 14.7hp

Scroll Motor: 5.3hp (Generator)

Sludge Scraper Motor: 0.2hp

Vzero Centrifuge


Bowl Diameter: 13.5’’

Bowl Motor: 29.5hp

Scroll Motor: 14.7hp (Generator)

Sludge Scraper Motor: 1/2hp

V2 Centrifuge


Bowl Diameter: 18’’

Bowl Motor: 60hp

Scroll Motor: 40hp (Generator)

Sludge Scraper Motor: 1hp

V2 Centrifuge


Bowl Diameter: 18’’

Bowl Motor: 73.7hp

Scroll Motor: 66hp (Generator)

Sludge Scraper Motor: 1hp

V5 Centrifuge Aqualitec.


Bowl Diameter: 21.6’’

Bowl Motor: 100hp

Scroll Motor: 73.7hp (Generator)

Sludge Scraper Motor: 2hp

V7 Centrifuge


Bowl Diameter: 26.5’’

Bowl Motor: 120hp

Scroll Motor: 100hp (Generator)

Sludge Scraper Motor: 2hp

V9 Centrifuge


Wastewater Sludge Dewatering.
Food processing (Olive oil, Avocado oil,…)

Sludge Dewatering
Sludge Dewatering

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