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Mechanical, Vertical Bar Screens

Looking for a bar screen solution for your pump station? You came to the right place. Aqualitec offers innovative and highly effective bar screens that will safely protect your pumps from debris and rags and will allow you to save thousands of $ in maintenance costs. Two types of mechanical bar screens are available, one being vertical while the other one is multiple rake.


Our most popular bar screen is Screentec, a mechanical, vertical bar screen that you can install on headworks, lift stations, manholes, deep wells. Screentec has 3 main benefits:
  • It can retrofit on any kind of structure at a minimum cost.
  • It requires minimum and easy maintenance, which means it decreases your costs while making it safer for your maintenance staff.
  • It controls odors so that it can be installed in a residential area without bothering your neighbors


Another great bar screen is Raketec, a multiple rake bar screen system which captures rags and wipes thanks to its unique combination of stainless steel rakes brushes. Raketec's benefits include
  • Minimum and easy maintenance
  • Odor control
multiple rake bar screen multiple rake bar screen

For more information about Raketec, check out this case study.

For questions and quotes regarding our wastewater bar screen line, please call 855-650-2214 or email us.

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